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Name:The Red Queen || Anastasia
Birthdate:Jun 6
"I was not always a queen. I know how to get my hands dirty."

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Anastasia comes from the realm called the Enchanted Forest, sometimes called Fairy Tale Land by the OUaT audience. This realm is divided into several kingdoms and locations, but Anastasia originally hailed from the unnamed kingdom presided over by Prince Thomas and his family. A family of moderate wealth and good social standing, Anastasia and her sisters were groomed by their mother to pursue success - financially sound marriages, particularly to the social elite. Their mother likely entered into one herself when she married a widower, making Anastasia the step-sister to Ella, a girl of her own age. Eventually he died and Ella became a live-in maid to her step-family.

Ana and her sisters learned to follow their mother's example in everything, including treating Ella coldly. Though Mother had her sights set on marrying off at least one of her daughters to a prince, all Anastasia wanted was her mother's love, something the woman seemed incapable of giving. So Ana did her best to fulfill her mother's wishes, attending balls and keeping an eye out for a wealthy man. One ball held by Prince Thomas offered great opportunity to become his wife (and thus a future queen), but with the help of magic, Ella caught the prince's eye instead.

This only exacerbated the scheming nature of Ana's mother, and contributed to the young girl's own self-doubt and fear. At some point, Anastasia crossed paths with Will Scarlet, a local thief. To her own utter surprise, her interest in royal balls waned as she learned to make wine from wildflowers and counted the stars with Will. The two fell in love and for the first time Ana was truly happy. But their happiness wouldn't last if they stayed - her mother would never approve.

The two absconded to Sherwood Forest, determined to make a life together. They concocted a plan wherein Will joined up with Robin Hood's Merry Men and convinced them to break into the palace of Maleficent. Will claimed it would be an act of charity to give the villagers Maleficent's gold, but his real goal was to steal a looking glass he and Ana would use to travel to another realm and start fresh lives.

Will succeeded, much to Ana's joy. But their happy departure was stalled by the arrival of her mother, who had followed them to the forest. Anastasia bore the brunt of her mother's criticism one last time: that she was "a failure", "not princess material", and the only way she would be allowed back home would be as a chamber pot maid. But Ana clung to her love for Will, who cared about her for who she was, not what she could be made into.

They jumped through the looking glass portal and arrived in Wonderland, but their new lives were more troublesome than they anticipated. The two struggled to get by, resorting to theft for food. The two stole noble clothes off a traveling wagon and forged invitations to the ball: Will was focused on pinching the free food, while Ana wanted to enjoy the party. She mimicked the posh accent of one of the court ladies and made a striking impression on the Red King. Shortly after, she and Will were found out to be imposters and thrown out of the event. Though they now had some food, Ana felt ashamed of peasant life and wished for something more.

Their financial woes persisted, and Anastasia finally suggested they go home - but not empty-handed. She persuaded Will to embark on one last big steal: the Red King's crown jewels. They would've succeeded were it not for a moment of vanity and longing on Ana's part. The King caught her and inquired about the life she led. Anastasia handed the crown over, wondering what her fate was to be, when the king made her an offer - the jewels would belong to her if she took his hand in marriage.

Fearful of a life filled with poverty and longing, Anastasia accepted his proposal.

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